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Next Steps

ENTSOG and ENTSO-E are currently working on the further development of their Interlinked Model and on the integration of the focus study recommendations for the identification of projects worth a dual assessment on both gas and electricity systems.

ENTSOG completed its project collection phase in July 2019. For the first time ENTSOG opened its TYNDP to Energy Transition Related projects including biomethane, P2G and ccs/u projects. ENTSO-E is collecting submissions in October–November 2019 and will run a second submission window for future projects after the release of its Identification of System Needs 2040 study in April 2020.

Over the coming months, ENTSOG and ENTSO-E will pursue their respective TYNDP 2020 development process, in a close timeline:

  • The electricity and gas draft TYNDPs will be published in Q3 2020 for public consultation.
  • Further to receiving the public consultation feedback as well as ACER’s opinion, ENTSOG and ENTSO-E will publish the final TYNDPs, by end 2020 for gas and in spring 2021 for electricity.
  • Both TYNDPs will support the 5th PCI selection process.

National Trends will serve as basis for ENTSO-E’s Identification of System Needs study, which assesses pan-European network needs, their impact in regions, where grid projects should be considered, potential needed policy adjustments and technical challenges.

A cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of electricity transmission and storage projects will be performed for the National Trends (2025 and 2030 time horizons). Additionally, to illustrate the robustness of the proposed infrastructure projects, a subset of CBA parameters will be determined for Distributed Energy and Global Ambition (2030 time horizon). Projects will also be assessed in a ‘Current Trends’ scenario, an ENTSO-E scenario not included in this report which describes a future where the energy transition is slower than planned.

The scenarios will also feed into projects within ENTSO-E’s Markets and System Operations committee, such as looking at market design and system operability in 2030.

ENTSOG TYNDP 2020 will include the Project-Specific CBAs (PS-CBAs) for those projects having declared their intention to apply for the 5th PCI list. Full PS-CBAs will be performed for transmission, storage and LNG terminal gas projects, and will consider all scenarios and the whole time-horizon of the TYNDP (from 2020 to 2040). Energy Transition Related (ETR) projects will be assessed with a reduced and sustainability-oriented CBA, to assess how they can deliver in terms of decarbonisation of the energy system and support the European climate ambitions.